0.3: Biblical Principles of Church Planting: The Power Principle Principle

The Power Principle:

Prayer is the indispendable source of God's power and wisdom in each phase of church planting

Since Christ is the Lord of church planting and He has a vision for your new church, prayer becomes incredibly important. Four reasons why prayer is so incredibly important for you as you begin this church planting journey are:

1 - Prayer leads us to intimacy with Christ

It is our own way to be in daily communication with Him. Prayer is mentioned over 200 times in the scriptures. Remember that God's first call on our lives is to be lovers of Christ, even before we love the lost or we love the church! In prayer, we connect with our Creator, Sustainer, Redeemer, and Friend. As we pour out our hearts in prayer, He comforts and assures us. We are to be in constant communication with Christ, seeking intimacy with Him. When the Apostle Paul sat in a Roman prison for the sake of the Gospel, he reflected on what was most important to him. What he discovered was that intimacy with Jesus was the most precious to him. Paul’s priority was to know Christ Jesus above all else. (Philippians 3:7-11)

2 - Prayer puts us in touch with Christ's vision and plan for His Church

In the Old Testament, Joshua also learned the importance of conducting spiritual warfare firmly on the side of the Lord. (Joshua 5:13-15) Church planting is spiritual warfare. When we humble ourselves and listen to the Lord, as Joshua did, the Lord will lead us in His victory. What follows in Joshua 6 is the famous Battle of Jericho. Prayer is about humbling yourselves, listening to the will of God, and obeying. The Lord has a vision and plan for your church. Following His vision and plan will lead to His victory!

3 - Prayer opens a door for the Gospel

Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it, with thanksgiving. (Colossians 4: 2-4) We at Church Planters* must be strategists and tacticians. Applying church growth principles will help us. Good research is essential. Learning good leadership skills is crucial. The right kind of practical church planting is vital. But the message of the Gospel will have impact only through prayer. Unless the Gospel is proclaimed, no one will be saved. But without prayer, hearts will remain closed to the transforming power of the Gospel. Prayer is as essential to the harvest as is preaching the Gospel.

4 - Prayer is the key to God's provision for church planting's many needs

In Matthew 9:38, the Greek word translated as "ask" has the idea of crying out for help on behalf of the needs of someone else. It is this kind of intercession, crying out to God for the needs of others, that is so powerful as we pioneer new churches! Do you need to build a core team? Do you need resources? Do you need courage in the face of danger? Pray. During this church planting journey you are on, there will be many times when you will need to remember that prayer is the indispensable source of God's power and wisdom in each phase of church planting.

In order to become the leaders and church planters God wants us to be, we must cultivate a powerful prayer life as we intercede for the needs of others and seek God’s wisdom and direction.

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